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Student Technology Fee

Statement of Purpose:

Students enrolled at River Parishes Community College contribute to a Student Technology fund by paying a Student Technology Fee (herein referred to as “STF”). The STF was authorized by the Louisiana Legislature in spring 1997 and subsequently approved by the Student Government Association of River Parishes Community College.

In accordance with Louisiana Revised Statute 17.3351.1, the STF at River Parishes Community College (herein referred to as the “College”) is dedicated to implementing, replacing, improving, and expanding technologies to benefit student life and learning, and such use shall be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The process used to determine which projects or new initiatives are pursued using STF funds is outlined in this Plan.


The term “technology” or “technologies” in this document includes but is not limited to instructional and laboratory equipment and the networking and supporting computer and telecommunications infrastructure necessary to support these activities.  

Strategic Goals of the Student Technology Fee Program:

Proceeds from the assessment of the STF shall be used in accordance with a written plan developed by the College. In developing the written plan, the College shall provide students with the opportunity to make recommendations concerning the use of fee proceeds.

  • Strategic Goal 1:

To provide students with access to discipline-specific state-of-the-art equipment, software, or electronic library resources.

  • Strategic Goal 2:

To provide access to computers with up-to-date software as well as on-campus internet connections and other forms of general use technology sufficient to meet the students’ needs.

  • Strategic Goal 3:

To support the development and implementation of technologies that aid in the provision of student services.

  • Strategic Goal 4:

To provide accessibility technologies for students with approved accommodations.

  • Strategic Goal 5:

To enhance student learning by providing support to faculty on the use of multi-media and other instructional technologies.

Procedures and Policies:


Under the provisions of the enabling legislation (House Bill 2339; R.S.17:3351.1), assessment of the STF may be terminated by a two-thirds vote of the members of the Student Government Association and a majority vote of the Board of Supervisors of the LCTCS.

Fee Assessment:

The STF shall be five dollars ($5) per credit hour for up to 12 semester credit hours per semester.


The STF budget shall be overseen by the Student Technology Fee Budget Committee, a ten-member group chaired by the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and including the Vice Chancellor for Finance (or their designee), the Chief Information Officer (or their designee), the Dean of Students (or their designee), the President of the Faculty Senate, the Student Body President and four other SGA officers or representatives appointed by the Student Body President. Business will not be considered at any Student Technology Fee Budget Committee meeting without a quorum comprising at least six members of the committee; the quorum must include at least three of the student members of the committee. Except as stipulated herein, the Student Technology Fee Budget Committee shall conduct its business according to Roberts Rules of Order.


Each proposal must be submitted using the Proposal for Use of Technology Fee Form. Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis and may be submitted at any time. 

The Student Technology Fee Budget Committee may appoint Technical Review Committees as appropriate to assist in the evaluation of proposals. The Student Technology Fee Budget Committee shall have exclusive responsibility for recommending to the Chancellor the approval or disapproval of specific proposals.


No expenditures shall be made from the Student Technology Fee Fund except as authorized in the annual Student Technology Fee budget recommended by a majority of the members of the Student Technology Fee Budget Committee and approved by the Chancellor. By a vote of at least three-fourths of the members of the Student Technology Fee Budget Committee, followed by the approval of the Chancellor, up to 40% of the revenue stream generated by the Student Technology Fee may be used to secure credit arrangements.

General Timeline for Formulation of Annual STF Budget:

September:  STF Budget Committee meets to review proposals
November: STF Budget Committee meets to review proposals
February: STF Budget Committee meets to review proposals
April: All decisions regarding proposals are completed to allow for purchases prior to fiscal year end

Auditing and Evaluation:

All funds generated by the STF shall be placed in a University account strictly restricting expenditures to those in full compliance with the Student Technology Fee Plan. The College will provide fiscal and compliance audits of the Student Technology Fee Program and will regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the program. The results of these evaluations will be reported to the Student Government and the College’s Executive Leadership Team on an annual basis. STF monies shall not be used to assess the effectiveness of the Student Technology Fee Program.

Amendment of the Student Technology Fee Plan:

The Student Technology Fee Plan may be amended only upon a vote of at least two-thirds of the members of the Student Technology Fee Budget Committee.

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