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Policy: Family Members on Campus

Document Number: 1.051
Title: Family Members on Campus Policy
Effective Date: 3/28/2017
Revised Dated: 9/25/2018


To define the circumstances under which family members of employees may visit a facility of River Parishes Community College (RPCC). Many RPCC employees and students combine familial, parenting, and work or educational responsibilities, and this may result in situations where family members may be on campus. There are also a number of other circumstances that result in family members visiting RPCC’s facilities.

This policy and associated procedures outline RPCC’s approach to ensuring that employees, students, and visitors are not unfairly disadvantaged or discriminated against because of their familial and parental responsibilities, while also ensuring that reasonable steps are taken to protect the study and work environment of others at RPCC and to protect RPCC’s assets and reputation. The policy also considers health and safety issues and other legal responsibilities associated with family members being on campus.

Scope and Applicability

This policy applies to situations involving employees and their family members visiting campus facilities, with the following exceptions:

  • short visits, for example as might occur when family groups arrive to provide an employee with a lift home or to drop items off for an employee;
  • formally organized supervised visits such as public school excursions or children involved in work experience activities;
  • approved activities involving children organized on-campus; or
  • family members attending other organized activities such as RPCC community fairs, library functions, or other official RPCC functions open to the public. However, in these instances, the expectation of RPCC is that employees organizing such visits must ensure that adequate supervision and protection against hazards are provided.


For purposes of this policy:

  • Child/Children is defined as any person under the age of seventeen (17).
  • Extended duration is defined as one or more hours.
  • Family member is defined as a person related by blood or by marriage to an employee of RPCC.
  • Infectious illness includes common childhood diseases, as well as colds, flu, and other easily transmissible illnesses.
  • RPCC facilities (or campus) are defined as all property owned by RPCC, including the buildings, campus grounds, parking lots, etc.

General Policy

It is not appropriate for family members of employees to visit campus for extended periods of time. Visits to campus by family members must be kept to a minimum and must not be for an extended duration. If no other alternatives exist, visits by family members may occur for one (1) hour and must be pre-approved by the supervisor and the Chancellor or his/her designee.

Responsibilities of Employees

RPCC does not encourage employees to bring a family member to work. An employee who finds it necessary to bring his/her family member onto campus must take responsibility for the following items:

  • the reason for the family member’s visit is as a result of an unexpected and temporary breakdown in normal care arrangements;
  • the visit is approved by the supervisor and the Chancellor or his/her designee before the visit;
  • the employee can accomplish his/her assigned tasks while supervising the family member;
  • the employee accepts responsibility for supervising the family member at all times during the period of the family member’s visit to the campus;
  • the family member has not been exposed to or is not suffering from an infectious illness; and
  • the family member does not cause a significant disturbance to the work environment.

Responsibilities of Supervisors

Supervisors are responsible for approving or disapproving requests from employees to bring their family member to campus for an extended period. When reviewing these requests, the supervisor must take into account the particular circumstances that led to the request; the necessity of the employee at that particular date and time; prior requests of the employee; the possible impact on other employees, students, or visitors to the campus; and the health and safety issues and/or risks.

Restricted Areas

Children or other family members are not permitted in the following areas:

  • science laboratories and laboratory preparation areas;
  • printer/copier rooms;
  • breakrooms (including kitchens);
  • technical and/or maintenance areas;
  • storerooms or areas where hazardous substances are stored;
  • construction sites and areas where minor work or maintenance is being performed;
  • the designated workspace of any other employee; and
  • areas where confidential student and/or employee data is maintained.

Supervisors may classify other areas as restricted as required for the safety of employees, students, and visitors.

If an employee’s family member is also a registered and enrolled student at RPCC, the same restrictions apply to the family member, unless admittance to any restricted area occurs within the course and scope of the family member’s scheduled classroom instruction.

Written Approval

Prior written approval is required for each instance that an employee requests to bring a family member onto campus facilities during normal working hours. When prior written approval is not possible, permission must be granted by phone or text before the family member has been brought onto the campus. A request form must be completed and approved for each visit. The completed and approved request forms should be filed with the employee’s supervisor. The request form is available on RPCC’s website. If the request is denied, the employee is required to take leave.

Abuse of this policy

Where complaints are received from employees alleging persistent abuse of this policy by another employee, the issues should be referred to the supervisor for review and action. Matters that are unresolved should be referred to the Director of Human Resources and Payroll for review and advisement to the Chancellor.


Employees who bring family members to campus are liable for any damage, accidents, or injuries caused by their family members. In addition, the employee agrees to indemnify RPCC in relation to any damage or injury caused by the family member or that may occur to the family member while on RPCC property.

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