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River Parishes Community College, Academic Affairs, includes all technical and transfer credit programs, library services, and college-wide institutional effectiveness. Academic Affairs supports the mission of RPCC through providing leadership, quality service, and instruction that leads to technical certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees for transfer or the workforce.

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RPCC Salary Guide

Document Number: 6.006
Title: RPCC Faculty Salary Guide
Effective Date: 12/18/2019
Revised Dated:


 The following is the RPCC Faculty Salary Guide for new hires. This is intended as a guide, but other considerations such as the credentials to teach in additional discipline(s), prior teaching experience, market conditions, and difficult to fill positions may be taken into consideration.

On occasions there would be exceptions to this guide, including such things as departmental responsibilities/assignments as program/instructional coordinators and hard-to-fill positions, these would be hired at comparable competitive rates (e.g. Computer Science, Nursing, etc.):


Bachelors Degree       $29,500

Masters Degree          $40,000 (+$1,000 for each additional credential area – 18 GSHs)

Masters+ 30                $41,000

*Doctorate                   $43,000

* Or equivalent (e.g. MFA)

For each year of college teaching experience, up to 10 years, an additional $250 will be added to the salary base.


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DATE:  12/18/2019


Online classes at RPCC resumed Monday, March 30. Please check RPCC Coronavirus Response for updates, frequently requested contact information, and public information.
Last updated Tuesday, March 31 at 2 p.m.

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