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Policy: Tuition increase/Fee Hardship Waiver

Document Number: 5.021
Title: Tuition increase/Fee Hardship Waiver
Effective Date:
Revised Dated: 10/3/18; 10/12/18


To publish a process for student tuition/fee hardship appeals, when specified by legislation.


This policy and its procedures apply to students who are pursuing tuition/fee hardship appeals in accordance with specified legislation.

Eligibility Requirements

When legislation for a fee or tuition increase specifies that students may apply for tuition/fee hardship waivers, the College provides an opportunity for students to appeal the fee or tuition increase. Tuition/fee hardship waivers are allowed for only when specified by legislation.

Students wishing to file an appeal must have completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This federal financial aid process will determine individual student financial need. If the student receives grants, scholarships, and/or waivers in an amount that meets or exceed tuition, then the appeal will be closed. If the student has no eligibility for need-based aid, the appeal will be closed unless the student can document very unusual circumstances.

Criteria for Hardship Appeals

The criteria the Hardship Appeals Committee, an ad hoc committee composed of Student Financial Assistance Office and Controller’s Office representatives appointed by the Assistant Vice Chancellor/Controller, will use in making its determination will be based on the income and need tables or indexes as established by the federal financial aid assessment process. For example, factors such as the student’s dependent or independent status, income, number of dependents, and number of enrolled credit hours, etc., will be considered.

Specifically, students who wish to submit hardship appeals must:

  • Be a Louisiana resident;
  • Have already filed a FASFA and received an award letter from the RPCC Office of Financial Aid;
  • Have registered for a minimum of 6 credit hours and paid at least 50% of the tuition, before submitting an appeal;
  • File the application for a waiver due to financial hardship by the official withdrawal date for the semester; and
  • Provide documentation of extenuating circumstances, as applicable.

Download, print and return: Tuition and Fee Hardship Policy & Form