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River Parishes Community College, Academic Affairs, includes all technical and transfer credit programs, library services, and college-wide institutional effectiveness. Academic Affairs supports the mission of RPCC through providing leadership, quality service, and instruction that leads to technical certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees for transfer or the workforce.

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Policy: Refunds for Credit Courses  

Document Number: 5.007
Title: Refund Policies for Credit Courses
Effective Date:
Revised Dated: 10/3/18; 10/12/18


Upon official withdrawal or resignation from the College, refunds will be made as follows:

  • Refunds are calculated on the tuition amount only
  • If a student withdraws or resigns before the first day of class, a 100% refund of tuition and fees will be made


16 Week Terms

Up to and including first five days of semester          100%

Sixth through tenth day of semester                          50%

Eleventh through thirteenth day of semester            25%

After thirteenth day of semester                                none


3-8 Week Terms

Up to and including first three days of semester       100%

Fourth through sixth day of semester                        50%

After sixth day of semester                                         none


2 or Less Week Terms

Up to and including first two days of semester          100%

Third and fourth day of semester                               50%

After fourth day of semester                                      none


After the last day to register or add in each semester, the Business Office will perform an audit of all tuition and fees assessed and collected and financial aid awarded. If it is discovered that a student has overpaid, a refund will be issued to the student via Higher One. If it is discovered that a student has underpaid, the student or responsible party will be billed. All balances are due immediately.

If a student has reason to believe the College owes him/her a refund, the student should inform the Business Office. In the event a refund is warranted, the College will issue that refund through the proper channels and in accordance with College policy.