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River Parishes Community College, Academic Affairs, includes all technical and transfer credit programs, library services, and college-wide institutional effectiveness. Academic Affairs supports the mission of RPCC through providing leadership, quality service, and instruction that leads to technical certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees for transfer or the workforce.

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Policy: Online Payment

Document Number: 1.052
Title: Online Payment Policy
Effective Date: 01/01/2019
Revised Date: 10/01/2018

1. Effective 1/1/19, enrollment capacities for online courses are as follows:

  • 25 students for English
  • 30 students for all other subjects
  • Course capacities can be changed upon approval of the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs or her designee, in consultation with the College faculty, in consideration of the needs of the College.

2. Full-time Faculty: Online Payment

  • If the course is part of the full-time faculty load (15 credit hours per semester), faculty shall receive no additional compensation for the first 30 students (25 for English). Faculty will be compensated at a rate of $49 per student per credit hour for each student above 30 (25 for English).
  • If the course is an overload, faculty will be compensated at a rate of $765 per credit hour plus $49 per student per credit hour, for each student above 25 (above 20 for English).
  • An online course will be considered an overload, as follows:
  1. A faculty member teaches more than 5 classes, of which 5 or more are face-to-face, the online class(es) will be considered the overload(s).
  2. A faculty member teaches more than 5 classes, 4 or fewer of which are face-to-face, the online class(es) with the highest enrollment number(s) will be considered part of the full-time load.

3. Adjunct Faculty: Online Payment

  • Adjunct faculty will be compensated at a rate of $765 per credit hour plus $49 per student per credit hour, for each student above 25 (above 20 for English).
  • An online section taught by an adjunct instructor may not exceed 30 students.
  • Online courses taught by adjunct faculty shall be aggregated with face-to-face and other courses for purposes of adherence to adjunct maximum load policy.

4. The payment for labs will be adjusted based upon the current credit hour weights used (1.5 and 2.25, depending on the lab).

5. For the purposes of this policy, the number of students shall be based on the census at the end of the 14th class day.

6. An online course may be taught by a faculty member who did not author the course
only in the following cases:

  1. The course author received a course development fee from the College, LCTCS or any other source, OR
  2. Consent of the Course Author, OR
  3. Request of the Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs AND consent of the Course Author. In this case, the Course Author shall receive a usage fee of $300 per course per semester.