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Policy: Exit Counseling

Document Number: 2.030
Exit Counseling (Financial Aid)
Effective Date:

Revised Dated: 10/2/18; 10/12/18


Students who receive a Federal Stafford Loan while attending River Parishes Community College are required by the Department of Education to complete the Stafford Loan exit counseling if they graduate, officially or unofficially withdraw from the institution, and/or drop below half-time enrollment (six credits).

Exit Counseling is defined as:

  • An online tutorial that provides tips and useful information to help student borrowers manage their loans and understand their rights and responsibilities.
  • A tool to assist students with debt management strategies and provide estimated loan payment amounts.
  • A requirement for any student that has received a Subsidized, Unsubsidized, and/or Direct Loan.

Students Required to Complete Exit Counseling:

  • Graduate: Any student that will complete his/her degree must complete counseling prior to graduation.
  • Withdrawn: Any student that has withdrawn from the college.
    • Officially withdrawn: The student withdraws from the college through the Registrar’s office.
    • Unofficially withdrawn: The college withdraws the student for non-attendance (student has never attended any classes, including online).
  • Suspended: Any student suspended from the college must complete counseling
  • Anticipation of not attending the next semester: students who plan to transfer or not attend must complete exit counseling.


The Office of Financial Aid will notify loan recipients via email at the end of every semester of the exit counseling requirement.

Those students graduating will be given an Exit Counseling Flyer by an Academic Advisor during their graduation appointment.


Log in to using your FSA ID; Select “Complete Counseling” on the left-hand navigation bar; Select “Exit Counseling” under “Choose Counseling Type”

Additional Resource:

The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is the U.S. Department of Education’s central database for federal student aid. Students may visit their website at for additional information on loan balances and which agency is serving their loans.