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River Parishes Community College


Academics at River Parishes Community College

River Parishes Community College, Academic Affairs, includes all technical and transfer credit programs, library services, and college-wide institutional effectiveness. Academic Affairs supports the mission of RPCC through providing leadership, quality service, and instruction that leads to technical certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees for transfer or the workforce.

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CMT Empowering Education Tour Ticket Information and Guidelines

Online Ticketing

A specific registration link for each tour stop will be sent to you to place on relevant spots on your website. CMT will provide a web banner for you to place in a prominent location and direct to the registration link. The registration link can also be used to direct Facebook Events, Ads, and any other social media.

Online Registering Walk Through

  • Your specific link will take you to a landing page with your school logo placed on it.
  • From there, the potential attendee will select the quantity of ticket (no more than 4) and click “Register Now.”
  • The next page will be a form where all contact information is gathered.
  • Once form is filled and “Register” button is clicked the attendee is able to print tickets, add to calendar, modify registration and get directions.
  • They will also receive an email confirmation.

Physical Tickets

Packets of ticket will be provided to you from CMT to distribute to relevant community locations. Please fill out your school specific online form (listed below) with the information about each of the places that will be distributing tickets. (The first line of the form has an example for reference).

Online Forms:

LA Delta – Winnsboro
CLTCC- Rod Brady – Jena
River Parishes – Reserve

Ticket Packets Will Contain:

  1. TICKET DISTRIBUTION INSTRUCTIONS: Instructions for each of the community partners to follow.
  2. 500 NUMBERED TICKETS: You can divide them up however you want amongst your partners—just make sure to note on the online form the numbers of the tickets you drop at each site. (Although we know your facility holds less than 500 people, CMT’s experience is that when you distribute free tickets, only about 50% of people who take them will show up to the event.)
  5. 5 PHYSICAL SIGN UP SHEETS—One for each site to pair with tickets. Again, you may not need them all if you have fewer than 5 ticket distribution sites. (See attached example).
  6. LINK TO THE LCTCS ONLINE TICKETING SITE—If your distribution centers have access to the internet, they can input the information directly onto LCTCS ticketing site instead of a paper sign-up sheet.

Please take time at each of your ticket distribution locations to walk your contacts through all of the instructions paying close attention to make sure they understand how to fill out the forms and, if using a paper form, to print clearly and legibly.

RSVP Updates

You will receive weekly RSVP updates from Emily Mastrantonio ( on Fridays once the registration links go live.

Contact Information

LCTCS is gathering contact info from all registrants/attendees and the information will be gathered to be placed directly into Banner for future recruiting purposes.

Event Reminders

If you’d like to include an event reminder in your marketing plan to your RSVPs – please let Emily Mastrantonio ( know and it can be sent from the registration system.

Day of Event

A physical ticket is not required on the day of event. We will have a registration system set up with an IPad and Printer.
If the attendee pre-registered – all they have to do is search for their name and a name tag will print.
If the attendee did not pre-register – they will fill out the contact form on the iPad and a name tag will generate.

Registration Volunteers

Emily Mastrantonio (Asst. Director of Communications, LCTCS) and additional system staff will be on-site at your event to assist with registration set up and volunteer training. Please secure 2-4 volunteers on the day of the concert to assist with check-in and registration. Please email volunteer contact info to Emily Mastrantonio ( by March 1.