Degrees and Certificates
RPCC currently offers transfer degrees, technical diplomas and certificates.

RPCC Transfer Programs RPCC Technical Programs
AAS = Associates of Applied Science TD = Technical Diploma
CTS = Certificate of Technical Studies TCA = Technical Competency Area

Grades and Grading System
Grades are used to record your level of achievement in each course. Each letter grade is assigned a value or number, which we refer to as quality points. These quality points are used to calculate your grade-point average. The chart below shows grades awarded, the quality points assigned to each grade, and the level of success recognized by each grade.

Grade Quality Points Recognizes
A 4 satisfactory work
B 3
C 2
D 1 minimally acceptable work
F 0 failure
W n/a withdrawal from a course

If you would like to learn more about computing your grade average, click here (optional).