Registration Tools
The RPCC General Catalog and the Registration Bulletin are two items that you will need to schedule classes. Let's take a look at what each has to offer:
Registration Bulletin
The registration bulletin, available online and in the Office of Student Services, provides you with key scheduling information. It includes registration instructions and a list of the courses being offered this semester. This list of course offerings also tells you when and where each course meets.

RPCC General Catalog
As you're looking at the registration bulletin/schedule of classes, you'll notice that it does not provide a description of each class. This is where the RPCC General Catalog becomes handy. Toward the end of the catalog, you'll find descriptions of every course the College offers. The descriptions also note how many credit hours a class is worth.

Additionally, the descriptions list prerequisites, if there are any. Simply put, a PREQUISITE is a requirement that must be fulfilled in order to take a course.

Here's an example:
BIOL 2500
Human Anatomy & Physiology I
Credit: 3

A descriptive presentation of the structure and function of the organ systems of the human body covering cells, tissues, bones, muscles, nervous system and endocrine system. Prerequisite: BIOL 1010 OR BIOL 1201