Academic Information
This section will introduce you to tools and policies that will affect you as a college student. Topics include the following:
Academic Calendar
Degrees and Certificates
Grades and Grading System
Student Responsibility

Let�s begin with the RPCC General Catalog and Academic Calendar . . .

The RPCC General Catalog is a very important resource for all students. It includes detailed information about College policies and procedures, support services, degree programs, and course descriptions. It also includes the Student Handbook. Students are responsible for complying with the information contained in the catalog.

The catalog can be found online. You will also receive a copy when you attend a freshman advising session.

Academic Calendar
Each semester, the College produces a calendar that lists all important deadlines for the semester. These deadlines include:
the last day to add classes in the semester
the dates by which you must drop classes to receive tuition refunds (100, 50, and 25 percent)
the last day to withdraw from classes
the dates of College holidays
the dates for final exams

The calendar is available in the RPCC General Catalog. Copies may also be obtained from the Office of Student Services.