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Campus Email
Faculty & Staff Logon
Click here for RPCC Office 365 login Faculty Info
username = RPCC email address
Password = RPCC password

Students Logon
Click here for RPCC Student login
(Hosted by Gmail)
Student Info
Username = [LOLA User Name]@students.rpcc.edu
Default Password = [rpcc] + [your LOLA ID number]
(Example: rpccL00123456)

HELP Documents

All email issues that cannot be solved by reading the help documents should be directed to its@rpcc.edu.

Email accounts for new students will not be available until the first day of classes.

Email accounts for late registrants (new students only) will not be available until the end of the first week of the term.

Don't know your Canvas ID? Click here.
How to Log into RPCC Student Email (pdf))

NOTE: Canvas accounts and the RPCC Campus Email accounts for students are completely separate. Changing the password in one will not change the password in the other.